RAMCloud Talk by Nandu Jayakumar @HortonWorks

Come hear me speak to the Hadoop guys at HortonWorks about my research at Stanford.



In recent years DRAM has played an increasingly larger role in storage systems, driven by the demands of large-scale Web applications. However, DRAM is still used primarily in limited or special-purpose ways, such as a cache for some other backing store. In this talk I will describe RAMCloud, a general-purpose storage system where all data lives in DRAM at all times and large-scale systems are created by aggregating the main memories of thousands of commodity servers. RAMCloud provides durable and available DRAM-based storage for the same cost as volatile caches, and it offers performance 10-100x faster than existing storage systems. By combining low latency and large scale, RAMCloud will enable a new class of applications that manipulate large datasets more intensively than has ever been possible.


Bio –
Nandu Jayakumar was a Master’s student in the Computer Science department at Stanford University until recently. Before jumping headlong into online storage systems as a student, he mostly worked with batch-oriented storage systems at Yahoo.





Fri Oct 28 12pm – 1:30pm Pacific Time


455 West Maude Ave, Suite 200, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 (map)


mahadev konar at hortonworks – organizer