Perl – TIMTOWTDI with modules – but which module is best ?

Perl/CPAN often leaves you with too many modules as options to
establish the same task. Here is one way to handle that problem. Choose
the CPAN module that the rest of the CPAN community is excited about and uses in other CPAN modules.

This is from July 2009 –

So libwww-perl, Catalyst, Test::Exception, WWW::Mechanize and DateTime are all winners.


iPad – what would I do with one ?

The close encounter happened on saturday (launch day). One of the other shooters in the lucky-shot pool tournament had stood in the line in the morning and gotten one. As to why he would want to show it off at the pool-hall in the evening, I have no clue. Predictably the device is absolutely gorgeous and a joy to hold and use. Magazines and comics looked great. Most of the app line-up did not feel too different from an iphone. We tried to play HQ/HD youtube videos but could not. The keyboard was big and easy to use. So far, my limited imagination has not come up with uses for this beyond,

1. Replace my work laptop in meetings – note taking, surreptitious email-reading, sketching quick diagrams with a stylus

2. Gift for my parents as a wifi video-phone device. No camera yet so have to wait for this. But it will be super-easy to use and carry everywhere.

3. Gym companion – music player, videos player, book-reader to keep be from getting bored on the treadmill.


Is that enough justification for 500$ ?