Buy some GOOG the next time

you hear of an employee stock exchange –


Did the new google chrome ad just use an indian accent ?

And not even in a make-fun-of-the-sing-song way ?

Cannot find it on their youtube channel right now for a link.

Anyways, I have been trying the browser on my mac for the last couple of days and love the snappiness. All I need now is for some extensions to show up soon – delicious and mouse gestures to start things off, maybe.


P.S. Google’s really putting PR muscle behind the browser. Many of the ads are good. Envying the alleged 100 million dollar bing budget, you think ? rocks

After living with accuradio, shoutcast, Yahoo! Music Engine, pandora, radio, grooveshark and several others over time, is now my favourite online radio application. Still a bit rough at the edges, it lets me manage playlists and browse artists by discography – ideal for me. Plus I can always get to listen to youtube covers !